The vivid myriad of mountain flowers, marmot youngs frolicking in front of their burrow, breathing pure air, climbing a summit, surprising a horde of izards, bathing in a lake, enjoying the sense of freedom, spending the evening with friends in a hut, nature changing colours in autumn, chanterelle gathering, the first snow powderings, a sudden flight of cranes, sunrise beams brigthening the snow...
   The mountain can offer so many pleasures! These have nourished my passion since I was 16. I intend to make you discover all the secrets of the wild mountain - my passion.


Experience :
- 15 years of pyreneism
- 2013 : Trek on Santo Antão island (Cape Verde)
- 2012 : Trek Hierro island (Canary)
- 2011 : Hiking in the Dolomites (Italy)
- 2009 / 2010 : Africa crossing by tandem cycle, from Egypt to South Africa
- 2009 : Travel to Canada for logbuilding
- 2008 : Bike travel in Jordan
- 2008 : Pyrenees crossing by MTB
- 2007 : Around High Atlas mountains by MTB (Marocco)
- 2007 : Hiking in the Dolomites (Italy)
- 2006 : Hiking in the Europa Peaks (Spain)

All the pictures of these travels are here.